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  1. Destination of the Week – Melbourne | Australia

    Melbourne is not only a lovely city to visit but it is an exciting place for overseas studies. Every year, hundreds of students from almost all the nations in the world come here to Study Abroad and pursue an excellent academic future. Degrees from Melbourne colleges and universities are widely recognized globally. If you are
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  2. Destination Of The Week- Brisbane

    Australia’s new “World City” is fast growing. Every week, the city has begun to record an influx of about a thousand new people coming-in for studies or holidaying or just looking to build a home. While Sydney and Melbourne bedazzled the world, building up the golden Aussie Dream, Brisbane diversified itself quietly. Earlier considered to
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  3. University Of the Week – University of Sydney

    There, just, are some universities in the world, which were established to be trendsetters, perhaps. These universities have evolved and expanded with time, adopted and started the trends the world follows, when it comes to education. No wonder, these universities have managed to stay on top of the game.   One such University has been
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  4. How Studying Abroad Helps?

    There was a survey a few months back, according to which about 73% employers think that studying abroad is a golden star for the junior-level employees. Why would they think so? What is about studying abroad that makes them feel secure about hiring somebody?   Let us tell you.   Studying abroad is not a
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  5. Destination of the week – Melbourne

    A city as random and quirky as the one that is famed to experience four seasons in a day has to be on the list of the adventurers. Even if you are not really an “adventurer”, you may love a city that, itself, is relaxed and fun-loving. OR you may be a nerd. Still, you
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  6. University of the Week – Deakin University, Australia

    Established in 1974, Deakin was Victoria’s fourth university and the first in regional Victoria. Emerging as one of the strongest university of Australia, with being the 9th largest university holding the 66th rank in a survey conducted by Times Higher Education, it has managed to develop an environment conducive to the growth of a student.
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  7. University of The Week – James Cook University

    To the students of environmental sciences, a location smack in the middle of nature’s lap would seem like home. Even if you are not of a mindset that bends towards studying the environment, geology or geography, a good location would be a nice deal. Won’t it? Location is perhaps one of the key factors while
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  8. Destination of the Week – Sydney

    Our weekly feature, Destination of the week has covered a lot of countries and taken you around the world to get you more information about some of the most exotic and sort out destination for students. This week we look at the most popular city of the world’s 6th  largest country Australia, i.e. Sydney.  
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  9. Australia | A Different World To Study In!

    Australian universities are recognized as world leaders in subjects such as business, economics, sciences, medicine, geology, physical geography, social work, and sports. Regional universities like the James Cook University in Queensland is world-famous for marine biology. The University of Tasmania enjoys a similar reputation for bio-diversity. Over a third of the country is national park
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