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  1. University of the Week – University of Waterloo, Canada

    About: The University of Waterloo has its origins back in 1925, when the university was earlier known as Waterloo College, affiliated with University of Western Ontario. It was later on separated from the Waterloo College and was incorporated as a University. University of Waterloo is a member of research intensive group of universities in Canada
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  2. How to Score 7+ Band in your IELTS Exam?

    The IELTS preparation tips for scoring 7+ Band are the ultimate secret for most students who will take this exam. A score of 7 Band or more of IELTS is proof that your English is sufficient to join any course in international University, even at Ivy League institution. It would also ensure you have the
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  3. Tips and Tricks to score well in your IELTS exam

    The IELTS or International English Language Testing System is a test for checking the capabilities of the non-English speakers. This test is taken by those students whose native language is not English and wants to study in a University where the instruction medium is only English. The result of IELTS is accepted by most of
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  4. Tips on how to prepare for IELTS during COVID 19

    Do not let the terror of COVID-19 affect your IELTS Test preparation plan at home. There are different ways to make sure that you are fully prepared to crack the IELTS Exam. In this process, we will share some of the essential IELTS Preparation tips in this troublesome time. It is important you do not risk
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  5. How to Prepare for Your IELTS Test Offline?

    The first step to understand IELTS is to grasp the fact that it is a language test not a skill OR subject test. The difference is that a language test checks your ability to use the language in day-to-day settings and not necessarily in the Prose setting. Let’s first understand more about IELTS Exam IELTS
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  6. How you can Study Abroad in the year 2020?

    After the outbreak and rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus, you might be extremely worried about your plans to study abroad in the year 2020. But, you are not unaccompanied in this journey. There are millions of students also who are uncertain about how coronavirus will impact their future. Although the situation is not right
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  7. How is the Coronavirus affecting Study Abroad Students?

    The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has caused quite a disturbance in the students’ plans all around the world. The extent of this virus’s consequences on the education sector is still unclear and is slowly unfolding. In this article, you will get a comprehensive overview of the current scenario is you are planning to Study Abroad for
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  8. Why Study Abroad in Ireland?

    While planning to study abroad there are many aspects to consider like, education system, costs, lifestyle and accommodation, outcome of the investment done and many other. There are many countries that come to mind while pondering upon these facts which seems suitable. Ireland has recently been the country to become one of the top choice
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  9. Best 10 Universities for international student to Study Abroad in UK (2020-2021)

    UK has been the 2nd most preferred study destination for international students to pursue their higher education; reasons are numerous. UK is home to some of the oldest and finest universities and educational system in the world. The country has best universities for almost every course and has one the most advanced way of delivering
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