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  1. Top Reasons To Study In Ireland

    Are you planning to go abroad to pursue higher studies? If yes, choose Ireland as your study destination! You may be wondering as to what Ireland has in store for you when you decide to leave your home and venture into this new land. This post will give you an insight on the top reasons
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  2. Overseas Education Consultant For Top Listed UK Universities

    Every year there are several students who go to the UK for higher studies.  An educational degree from UK is enough to open the doors to a global career to any student. UK is also known for its unique cultural diversity. There are several cosmopolitan cities like Belfast, Glasgow, London and Cardiff. Alongside you also
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  3. Best Advisers For PTE Coaching & PTE Institute

    Do you have dreams to study abroad in UK? If yes, it is high time for you to prepare for the Pearson Test of English or the PTE Test This Test is targeted to examine your proficiency in English and assesses the candidate on four parameters- reading, listening, speaking and writing. The PTE Examination or
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  4. University of Week – Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (CPIT)

    The Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology or CPIT is one of the most sought after academic institutions for technological students who want to study abroad in New Zealand. It is known for providing students with high quality academic programs in the nation. Let us take a glimpse at this renowned institution in Christchurch and see
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  5. University of Week – Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT)

    Manukau Institute of Technology is one of the top universities in New Zealand. Students from across the world looking to Study in New Zealand come to this famous institution for a bright and prospective future. The campus has a welcoming and friendly environment for aspiring students and professionals. This esteemed educational institute is a world
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  6. Destination of the Week – QueensTown, New Zealand

    New Zealand is one of the most widely sought after destinations for Students looking to study abroad among other countries. It is ideal for students in search of affordable foreign studies or study abroad options. Many foreign students from across the world come here to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate studies. When you come to New
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  7. Scholarship Update – Study in Canada

    One of the evergreen destination for Indian students and immigrants has been Canada. As a destination, the country welcomes its immigrants and makes sure to become something of a second home to them. As for students looking to study in Canada, the country is magnanimous.     Canada is one of the forerunners in international cooperation
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  8. Scholarship Update – Melbourne

    One of the most comprehensive and generous scholarship programs in Australia is to be found in Melbourne. From merit to considering socio-economic needs, there is everything for everybody.   For Under-Grad Scholars There are tuition-fee exempts, funds assistance and allowance over the entire duration of your degree. There are faculty-specific scholarships, sports, residential and travelling
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  9. Scholarship Update – Study in Auckland, New Zealand

    We, once, told you about benefits of studying in Auckland, New Zealand. Here is a little something to add onto that list. Scholarships!   Frankly, if we get into naming all the scholarships on offer, we will create a sort of directory over here. Suffice it to say that there are scholarships for every level
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  10. Scholarship Update – Study in Ireland

    We all love to save money, don’t we? A little discount on food, a long Zara sale or a little money saved in bargaining make something almost a little more precious. No? Sometimes, you are not ready to spend that much. Sometimes you cannot spend that much. This all is okay-ish in day-to-day life. What
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