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  1. How Studying Abroad Helps?

    There was a survey a few months back, according to which about 73% employers think that studying abroad is a golden star for the junior-level employees. Why would they think so? What is about studying abroad that makes them feel secure about hiring somebody?   Let us tell you.   Studying abroad is not a
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  2. University of the Week – McGill University

    The “UNESCO City of Designs” – one of the only three such cities in the world-, Montreal, is the largest city in the Quebec province of Canada. With a triple-peak mountain right in middle of the city, Montreal is a major hub of Canada’s commerce, aerospace, finance, pharmaceuticals, technology, design, culture, tourism, gaming, film and
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  3. Destination of the Week – Quebec, Canada

    If you love Macaroni and Cheese and Garter Snakes and want to taste mini-France with English tea, you need to head to Canada. It is huge, really. Also, Quebec has its own mysterious creature, like Scotland’s Loch Ness, called Ogopogo. With the misinterpreted origin of its name to its expanse over three oceans, this country
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