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IELTS Writing Booster

Rs. 3,000/- + Taxes

Are you stuck at a 6 Band Score on IELTS Writing Section? You want to understand the mistakes you are making & how you can improve your score. Our IELTS Writing Booster course will make getting a 7+ Band score a piece of cake for you with the right tips and tricks. Comprehend what it takes apart from the format to achieve 7+ in writing. This 6-hour program includes advance level tips, strategies and practice exercises that will give that additional BOOST YOU REQUIRE.

IELTS Speaking Booster

Rs. 3,000/- +Taxes

Want to boost your IELTS Speaking Score by 1.5 – 2.0 Bands? Our Speaking Booster will provide you with the practice and confidence you require to achieve a higher band score in IELTS Speaking. Learn what it takes apart from the way you speak to achieve 7.5+ in Speaking. In this 6-hour program Our IELTS experts will cover topics like Pronunciations, Speech Fluency, Vocabulary and Grammar.

  • Understand the IELTS Writing marking criteria in details
  • Leave the important prerequisites to us
  • Make sense of what needs to be done in every question
  • Gain complete handholding from our IELTS Writing experts
  • Monitor your performance on daily basis
  • Get additional evaluations with compressive feedback
  • Understand the marking criteria from the evaluators prospective
  • Make sense of what needs to be done in every question
  • Gain complete handholding from our IELTS expert with extra one to one sessions
  • Monitor your performance on daily basis
  • Learn how to impress an examiner

Course Structure Writing

  • Introduction to IELTS
  • The writing test format
  • The marking parameters
  • Types of essays
  • Identification of the essays
  • Strategies to answer
  • Developing ideas: Brainstorming and planning
  • Effective writing style: Paraphrasing

Course Structure Speaking

  • Introduction to IELTS
  • The speaking test format
  • The basics
  • Understanding the functions
  • Identification of the functions
  • Strategies to buy time
  • Developing ideas
  • Effective speaking

Online Support Tools and Study Material For IELTS

Acing the top of the IELTS is not easy. You need to have access to the correct study material and support tools for the preparation. The exclusive range of preparation material by Study Smart will assist you in getting the desired score with no difficulty. To register for the IELTS course in Study Smart and get unlimited access to all the study material for IELTS related to four skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. You can brush up on your skills and prepare well for the IELTS examination. We offer:

  • 20 hours of online classes
  • Practice test for the selected module
  • Model queries and their feedback
  • Tips for the test from the expert teachers
  • Developing strategies and tactics to solve the questions in the shortest possible time

Getting prepared for the English test can be challenging as the students do not have the proper study material. That is why Study Smart offers the latest study materials for IELTS according to the curriculum.

Support Tools for the IELTS Preparations

Study Smart offers updated preparation and study material for the IELTS examination that the students can download from our official website through their account. You can also avail the hard copy from our coaching center. The essential support tools for the IELTS include the following.

  • Test and Question format information
  • Application form
  • Guidance for the band score
  • Tips and Strategies by the IELTS examiners
  • IELTS checklist
  • Criteria for writing and speaking assessments
  • Sample of writing with comments and feedback by the examiners
  • Guidance on what to expect on the actual examination day

Study materials for the IELTS Examination

The preparation materials for the IELTS tests include the following.

  • Sample Test For The Regular IELTS Examination

Only practice can take you a long way in achieving the best score in the IELTS examination. Practice test papers by Study Smart will assist the students in getting familiar with the question pattern and test format. These practice test papers will also allow the students to attempt the questions at home at the specified time, like on the actual examination day. They can also compare their solutions with the model answers for assessing their progress.

  • Sample test papers for computerized IELTS examination

Study Smart includes some easy-to-understand and familiar tutorials that will help the students with outstanding IELTS features and format. It will help you understand the components of reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills on the computer. We allow the students to go through the mock speaking exam by face-to-face interview with an IELTS certified teacher.

  • Online Videos

To assist the students in getting familiar with the test format, Study Smart includes videos to help them understand how to score higher in the examination. With these videos, you can know how to attempt various modules, browse through the instructions, review the questions and submit the answers accordingly, change the screen settings in case of computerized IELTS exams, and more.

  • Practice Books

Our study material for IELTS includes practice books for the registered students. The study materials consist of two volumes with sample questions related to all four modules. The first volume includes test samples related to listening and reading and the second one includes instructions for attempting speaking and writing tests.

  • Masterclass

The IELTS Masterclass is a 90 minute online class for those people who want to improve more and achieve a high score. It offers advanced-level suggestions and advice for the IELTS examination with the required knowledge and skills.

So get access to all these study materials for IELTS to improve your knowledge and skills of the IELTS examination. These thorough preparation materials will help you achieve your targeted band score and outshine everyone in the examination!


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