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The International English Language Testing System or IELTS is a global standard for testing the English language proficiency level of candidates wanting to study or migrate abroad. Getting a Good Band Score in IELTS will assist students to study, migrate or work in a country where English is the primary language of communication. Typically, a 7+ Band score in IELTS will help students secure admissions in top universities across the globe. Similarly, for candidates looking to migrate abroad a score of 8+ Band on IELTS would be required.

Study Smart is one of the leading IELTS Online Training providers in the World. Our Certified and Experienced IELTS Training team, access to an Online IELTS Study Portal and Flexibility of Batches are factors that set us apart from other IELTS Online Training sessions. Our extensive and latest IELTS Online Training programme provides the best-in-class Guidance & Support to students with Extensive Study Material, Live Personalised Training sessions, Doubt Sessions, Series of Online Mock Tests and Regular Evaluations with Feedback. Over 90% of our students have cracked the IELTS Exam in the First Attempt, now it’s your Turn!

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Why Choose Study Smart Online IELTS Training?

There are several reasons why candidates appearing for IELTS are preferring Study Smart for their IELTS Test Preparation.

Breaking the barriers through Online IELTS Training

We offer 4 weeks of online classes with regular IELTS mock test and evaluations to make each live session impactful for our students. Our Cambridge Certified IELTS trainers leave no stone unturned to ensure the learning experience of our students is enhanced by making the sessions fun, interactive & engaging. The trainers encourage students to discuss the problem areas and actively provide solutions, tips, and strategies to students to improve on the skills required to Crack the IELTS Exam.

  • Practice will make you Perfect

The key to cracking the IELTS exam is regular practice. At Study Smart, students have access to 5 Full Length IELTS Mock Tests & 10 Sectional mock tests for each section. Students can attempt these mock tests and our trainers will evaluate them, give detailed feedback, and provide predicted scores to help students improve. Detailed correction and feedback are provided by our Certified IELTS Trainers for 20 sets of Writing Tasks & Speaking Module & 24 sets of Listening & Reading Module

  • Tracking and Evaluating Progress

Our Online IELTS Portal allows the students to track their progress, self-analyse their performance and identify areas of improvement. It becomes convenient for the students to improve when they are able identify the specific sections that need more work. Through IELTS Online Training sessions and regular Doubt sessions you will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses and take the required corrective action.

  • Live and Recorded sessions with flexible timings

Most of Our students of IELTS Training Online are either Studying or Working. Keeping this aspect in mind, we provide flexible batch timings for our Live Classes starting from 7:30 AM till 11:30 PM. We also provide weekend batches which are suitable for working professionals. In case the students miss their class, they have an option of requesting for the recording of the session. The class recordings can also be used for revision for IELTS Test Preparation.

  • Online IELTS Portal with 24/7 access for 6 months

Study Smart provides one of the most comprehensive Online IELTS Portal which provides access to all the IELTS Study Material a student will required Under One Roof. The students have access to interactive self-guide lessons, Grammar, Vocabulary & Essay Writing lessons, Free Study Material, Tips & Strategy Videos, Practice tests & quizzes and our Exclusive IELTS Practice Mock Test series. We also have various IELTS Books uploaded on our portal for additional practice and self-preparation.

  • Most Extensive Study Material with Latest Course Curriculum

As we are official partners of the British Council and Cambridge, we have access to the latest and most relevant trends in IELTS which helps us constantly improve our IELTS course content. We also have the most elaborate collection of study material, IELTS reference books and articles that will ensure you don’t have to look elsewhere.

  • Personalised Mentoring & Support with Weekly Doubt Sessions.

Our Cambridge certified trainers ensure that all students are given personal support all through the training. Section Specific Doubt sessions are conducted every week, where students can get answers and solutions to their specific problem areas.

  • Free Trial Class

Our students are welcome to take a Free Trial Class to get a first-hand experience of the quality of the IELTS training provided by Study Smart. The students also get a demo account of our Online IELTS portal where they can explore the various exclusive feature of our study portal.

Who can enrol in the Study Smart IELTS Online Training sessions?

Every candidate interested in Studying, Living, or Working Abroad can enrol for Study Smart’s Best Online IELTS Training. We offer IELTS training online for IELTS Academic and IELTS General Examinations. Since we provide online Training via ZOOM, which is one of the best platforms for online training, students can join our classes from anywhere in the world. So, if you want to Fast Track your IELTS Test Preparation, talk to our IELTS Counsellors and enrol for the best online IELTS Training sessions offered by Study Smart.

IELTS Tips and Strategies

IELTS Classes FAQs

Best Tips and Strategies for Online IELTS Training

Strategies for IELTS Reading Test that will help you get 8+ IELTS Band Score.

Our Live Online IELTS Coaching classes are very focused on helping students with various tricks and strategies required to prepare for the IELTS Exam. Here are some tips that have been listed which will help you get a High Band IELTS Score, however, if you enroll for our Live Online IELTS classes you will get to learn about them in-depth.

  1. IELTS Preparation Strategy from our IELTS Training Experts on the IELTS Exam Reading Question – Multiple Choice

    1. Read the instructions carefully: Read the instructions carefully and check how many letters you need to underline.
    2. Skim all the IELTS Exam Reading questions and the answer choices. Skim all the IELTS Exam Reading questions and the answer choices quickly. As you do this,
      • Underline the keywords (the words that give you the most information).
      • Try to get an idea of the topic you will be reading about from the vocabulary of the questions.
      • Look at any illustrations or diagrams that go with the text.
      • Go back to the first question. Decide if you are looking for specific information or whether the question requires you to understand the whole text. Then either scan or skim the text, as appropriate, to find the answer
    3. Read the relevant part of the text very carefully.
    4. Don’t leave any questions unanswered.
    5. Skimming is very important to get a High IELTS Band Score on reading component
  2. IELTS Preparation Strategy from our IELTS Training Experts on the IELTS Exam Reading Question – Short Answer

    1. Read the instructions carefully:
    2. Skim all the questions quickly. As you do this:
      • Underline the key words.
      • Decide what information you need to find in the text.
      • Look out for question words like ‘where’ and ‘who’ which indicate you should look for specific things like places and people.
    3. Go back to the first question and decide what part of the text you need to read.
    4. Read the part carefully to find the answer.
    5. You don’t have to write a complete sentence but it does have to be grammatically correct.
    6. Having an eye for details is important to do well on this part of the IELTS Exam and get a High IELTS Band Score
  3. IELTS Preparation Strategy from our IELTS Training Experts on the IELTS Exam Reading Question – Sentence Completion

    1. Quickly read through all the sentences halves: As you do this
      • Underline the key words.
      • Try to work out what information you need.
      • Think about the grammatical form as well as the vocabulary that should follow immediately from the stem.
    2. Go back to the first sentence and decide what information you need to complete it.
    3. Find the place where the information should be in the text and read it carefully.
    4. Look out for synonyms and parallel expressions: Look out for synonyms and parallel expressions because the questions are not likely to use the same words as those in the text.
    5. Make sure your sentences make sense both logically and grammatically.
  4. IELTS Preparation Strategy from our IELTS Training Experts on the IELTS Exam Reading Question – Notes / Table / Form / Summary / Flow Chart / Diagram Completion Questions

    1. Look at the table or form Carefully:
      • Examine any headings or subheadings.
      • Try to get an idea of the topic.
      • Decide what section of the passage the exercise covers.
      • Anticipate grammatical form as well as vocabulary.
      • If a box of answers is given, see if you can guess any of the matches & eliminate unlikely answers.
      • If the question is in the form of a table, work out which way it is best to read it horizontally or vertically.
      • If the question is in the form of a summary, read through it first and see if you can guess any of the missing words.
    2. Alternative Rubrics: There may be alternative rubrics for these completion questions e.g. ‘complete the notice’ or ‘complete the explanation’ or ‘complete the news report’.
  5. IELTS Preparation Strategy from our IELTS Training Experts on the IELTS Exam Reading Question – Yes, No, Not Given Or True, False, Not Given

    1. Quickly read through all the statements to get an idea about the topic.
    2. Read the first statement more carefully.
    3. Underline the key words so you understand the main point.
    4. Search for the section of the text which deals with the idea or fact.
    5. Read Carefully:
    6. Once you have found the relevant section, read it carefully. For type 1, if the statement disagrees with the writer’s opinion, then select ‘no’ and if the author doesn’t give an opinion, select ‘not given’. For type 2, if the statement is the opposite to the information in the text, then select ‘false’ and if there is no mention of it, select ‘not given’.
    7. Continue with the rest of the statements.
  6. IELTS Preparation Strategy from our IELTS Training Experts on the IELTS Exam Reading Question – Classification Questions

    1. Make sure you know how many classifications there are and what letters you have to use.
    2. Read the classifications carefully and make sure you don’t confuse the letters which represent each one.
    3. Read the statements/phrases or words beside the question numbers and underline key words.
    4. Start with the first statement and work your way through them one by one, searching the text to find where the information is mentioned.
    5. The questions will not necessarily be in the same order as the text and the wording will probably be different in the text so look out for synonyms and parallel expressions.
    6. When you’ve located the reference in the text, read it carefully and select your answer.
    7. Don’t leave any statements without a letter.
  7. Preparation Strategy For Matching

    1. Take the names of the sources one by one and find them in the text and underline them.
    2. When you have located a name, read carefully to see what is said about his/her opinions.
    3. Look at the list of opinions and see if you can make a match.
    4. Remember that the text is not likely to use the same words as the
    5. Questions, so look for synonyms and parallel expressions.
    6. Also, be aware that the sources may be referred to in more than one place in the text.
    7. The opinions in the task are not listed in the same order as they appear in the text.
    8. Phrases like ‘he said’ or ‘in his opinion’ should help you locate the arguments.
  8. IELTS Preparation Strategy from our IELTS Training Experts on the IELTS Exam Reading Question – Choosing Headings

    1. Make sure you know which paragraphs or sections you have to sum up.
    2. Read the first paragraph or section and try to sum up, in your own words, what it is about.
    3. Then search through the bank of headings for the best answer.
    4. Make sure the heading you have chosen sums up the entire paragraph and not just one idea within it.
    5. If you have to sum up the entire text. Read the whole text before looking at the bank of headings. Try to think of your own heading and then look at the options.
  9. IELTS Preparation Strategy from our IELTS Training Experts on the IELTS Exam Reading Question – Labelling A Diagram Which Has Numbered Parts

    1. Study the diagram and the labels if they are given.
    2. See if you can guess any of the answers.
    3. The information will be given in the same order as the numbers on the diagram.
    4. Scan the text to find the information. If labels are not provided, make sure you use words from the text.
  10. Here are some General Tips For IELTS Exam Reading Test to get a good IELTS Results

    1. Tips Before the IELTS Exam (IDP or British Council)
      • Make sure you are familiar with the instructions for the different question types so you can quickly glance at the questions and know what to do.
      • Read as much as possible.
      • Work on your reading skills such as ‘guessing the meanings of unknown words’, ‘understanding reference words in texts’ and reading quickly.
      • Read newspaper articles and practice the following:
        • Dividing the content into facts and opinions
        • Finding the topic sentences of paragraphs
        • Writing summaries
        • Interpreting any diagrams or tables
        • Thinking of headings you could give to paragraphs
        • Underlining the pronouns and working out what they refer to
        • Underlining unknown words and seeing if you can work out what they mean
        • Reading the first paragraph and seeing if you can predict what will come next
        • Work on expanding your vocabulary.
        • Do as many practice tests as you can to get used to the rubric and the task types.
    2. During the IELTS Exam (IDP or British Council)
      • Look through the whole IELTS reading module first.
      • Quickly look at the texts. Study any:
        • Titles
        • headings
        • sub headings
        • illustrations
        • diagrams
        • words in bold type or italics
      • Read the questions carefully. Identify the question type. Make sure you do exactly what they say.
      • Read the glossary beside the passage, if there is one.
      • Don’t spend too long on one question.
      • If you don’t know the answer, guess. Incorrect answers are not penalized.
      • Make sure you copy all words taken from the texts correctly as incorrect spelling is penalized.
      • Don’t forget your answer may be given in a diagram, graph or illustration.

How can our Live Online IELTS Coaching classes Help?

All students who enroll for our Live Online IELTS Training programme our provided with an Online IELTS Student Portal. This portal has an extensive collection of IELTS Sectional tests and IELTS Mock test, which will help students with the IELTS Test Preparation and Practice. The portal also has 40+ hours of self guided lessons on grammar and vocabulary which will help you improve your English Language Skills required to get a High IELTS Band Score


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