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Our Services

When you join us to plan your future, we provide you a wide variety of services free of all costs

Education Counseling

Our proficient counselors and Directors provide personalized counseling to each and every student who wishes to study abroad. Our recommendations take into account your financial limits and requirements too. We provide you with the latest market information and help you make the right choice of course to study at a university abroad which will later help you achieve your career objectives.


We make use of advanced tools to profile all our students on the basis of various parameters like budget constraints, academic portfolios, and individual language skills among others. Our accurate profiling technology helps us identify and suggest to students the most appropriate overseas study options which may match their personal profile and requirements.

Country & University Selection

There are more than 300 Universities and a few thousand colleges in these 5 countries. It may not be exactly an easy task to choose from such a wide range of options. Similarly, when we hear about different countries, we form an initial perception about the country in our minds, which maybe good or downright ugly. But what is the reality? Study Smart gives you the reality check. As most of the counselors and directors have lived and studied in these countries they are in the best position to give you accurate information pertaining to your requirements.

Admission Process

We assist you in completion of all your documentation to apply with Universities. We work with 100 percent accuracy with filling your application form, preparing your Recommendation letters, Statement of Purpose, etc. This process of documentation might seem tedious but at the same time, is very important and largely ignored by Students. The paper work maybe is boring but makes up for most of your admission selection. But do not worry; Study Smart is more than happy to take care of all the boring stuff while you prepare to fly to foreign lands.

IELTS Registration & Coaching

Most Universities and Colleges across the globe require you to clear one or more of the standardized Tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, etc. We have tied up with institutes conducting these tests and arrange for your training prior to you sitting for the tests and thus ensure your score never is a hindrance to your pace. We also provide free basic coaching sessions on IELTS, TOEFL & PTE.

Scholarship assistance

Various Scholarships and Financial fee waivers are offered to students by most foreign universities, on the basis of academic profiles of aspirant applicants. We help students evaluate their eligibility for these scholarships and ensure that your best chances of bagging such scholarships or Fee waivers on offer to the eligible students.

Financial Assistance

The very first point which comes to mind when thinking of Studying Abroad is finances. It sure is an expensive affair but there are ample of financial options available today, which can be utilized by students who are not in a position to afford these expenses. Today there are various banks that provide Education Loans, Student Allowances etc. at very affordable and reachable interest rates and return periods. We have tie-ups with many banks that make the process of acquiring a Loan extremely simple. We also work with various NGOs in India who help prospective students to look for sponsors or offer partial or full sponsorship to Indian students from various backgrounds.

Visa Documentation & Counseling

Getting a Visa can turn out to be a major roadblock in your journey to foreign lands. Our experts provide complete scratch-to-end assistance to help you file and obtain your Visa. Our team has many years of experience regarding the Visa and immigration Procedures and we have kept ourselves up-to-date with the recently changing regulations and procedure. You are in safe hands with our commendable Success rate of 98% in the past 5 years.

Pre-Departure services

We conduct Pre-departure seminars for students to acquaint them with all vital details before they begin their journey to a new country. We have a selected clientele of reputed Forex traders who will aid you with your Demand Drafts, Travelers cheques, International debit cards, Currency, etc.

Post Departure services

Study Smart has a very strong network of Alumni in various countries. Our Alumni network is full of members willing to assist our students with various post departure services like finding the right accommodation for you to stay at, shopping for your basic needs, orientation to your surroundings and the new culture, after-school hour jobs & even the simplest of things as airport pickups. We make an all-out effort to ensure you feel at home even when away from home.

Student Referral program: Its Simple

No word is stronger than the word of mouth. When you join us, your success and fruitful experience is our only aim. Inspired with your experience, your friends and family who too wish to study aboard come to us and take our assistance, in return providing us a better reach into the student community and other benefits which help us grow and provide better and wider opportunities and facilities to more students like yourselves. When you do us good, why should it not benefit you in return? Thus, we offer exciting Student referral programs to all our alumni and existing students, to show our gratitude for believing in us in what so ever small a way we can.

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