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Study abroad in New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful country located in the Southwest Pacific Ocean. New Zealand comprises of two main islands, the North and South Islands, which are separated by the Cook Strait.

New Zealand is a developed country with remarkable economic growth. She is a culturally diverse & politically stable country. The Polynesian culture here has its roots in erstwhile British culture. There are significant influences of European, American, Maori Polynesian and Asian culture.

To study in New Zealand is a fail-safe option as it has developed a reputation as a Quality Education provider over the years with accredited and well established colleges and universities. Students who have studied at a university in New Zealand have proved to be Innovative Thinkers. New Zealand has a history of producing some of the finest academicians, for example, Sir Ernest Rutherford, the first to split the atom, and Dr. Bryan Barrett Boyes, the renowned international heart surgeon. A New Zealand education offers students the best of spoils, be it education or the amazing lifestyle one leads here.

Study Smart in recent times is credited as a reputed consultant in Delhi, dealing with education in New Zealand. Our team and performance stands out among New Zealand Education Consultants across the country.

Why Choose Study Abroad in New Zealand?

New Zealand is a vibrant nation with excellent academic options and a safe environment to live in. International students who study at a University in New Zealand can enjoy a premium lifestyle at an affordable expense.

New Zealand Colleges have everything you need, world-class education, great quality of life, diverse culture, vibrant cities, stunning natural scenery and unbeatable outdoor adventure activities.

New Zealand is home to glaciers, mountains, rainforests and a beautiful coastline at the same time. New Zealand does not fall behind in the educational scenario as well, with seven of New Zealand's universities out of the its total eight featuring in top world ranking in the recent years. For a subtle nation of 4 million citizens, it is nothing less than a great feat.

Apart from the obvious benefits like Easy PR, New Zealand has many other benefits for international students when compered to other countries.

Part-time Job Prospects

Students enrolled in a program of study at a university in New Zealand, are eligible to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week during the academic year and full time for upto 40 hours during the summer term breaks. The minimum wage for part-time jobs are NZ$13 per hour, the last we checked. The maximum depends on the category of work you take up. Part time job opportunities are plenty and a good one can take care of your living expenses at the minimum. New Zealand Universities help their students land part-time jobs with ease.

Post Study Work Options

You don’t have to come back to India if you successfully complete your studies in New Zealand. You become eligible for a guaranteed 12 months job search visa. This visa allows you to stay in New Zealand and work full time in any job after finishing a course at a New Zealand University. But the important thing is that in these 12 months you have to find a job relevant to the course you just completed. Once you secure this you can apply for a longer work permit, which is generally issued for 2 years. At this stage you will have enough points to apply for Permanent Residency New Zealand Permanent Residency holder enjoys a lot of benefits like subsidized tuition fees for higher education, low interest rates & easy loan facilities. Also traveling to any Euro national country becomes very easy and affordable for students studying at a University in New Zealand.

Once all the visa documentation is scrutinized and accepted, the New Zealand High Commission will inform you of a preliminary acceptance of your visa application. For Issuance of the visa you need to produce a few documents and the Visa is normally issued within 5 working days post submission of the required documentation.

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